BC.Game Shitcode: Complete Guide (Activate Today) 2023

BC.Game ShitCode or leader Code or SweetCode: (Tested & Approved on 2nd February 2023) for Players at LEVEL4

BC.Game Shitcode: How to Claim? (Active Shitcode) 2023

  1. BC.Game Shitcode – (Leader Code): $[BCGAME-1Z5Z4TV3VK4JTO77EDSBHXDZUTU]$
  2. Shitcode Bonus – Claim $1 – $3 in free Crypto or BCD with shitcode
  3. Terms & Conditions – Shitcode Bonus is offered only to the players at LEVEL4
  4. Last Update – This shitcode is tested and approved, and is updated on 2nd February 2023
  5. Contact – If you have any issues in claiming the Shitcode bonus, comment below (or) you can get in touch with me at – winbtcc@gmail.com

BC.Game free bonus is now available for registered  casino players (At LEVEL4). This casino is a well reputed brand, has a good and a decent collection of games with amazing offers. In this esteemed bonus offer, They are  going to be taking a glance at how much bonus value you could get and, along with some other, special bonuses and rewards frequently along with regular ongoing promos.

BC.Game crypto bonus is offered to their players between the value $1 to $3 for a super duper bonus or a promo code is  “SHITCODE”. Once if you decide to join the casino you are suppose to use the SHITCODE  “(Leader Code): $[BCGAME-1Z5Z4TV3VK4JTO77EDSBHXDZUTU]$”, on the cashier lobby in order to receive up to $3 No Deposit Bonus in the accepted system currency which is obviously BCD.

Steps to get the bonus

  • Login to BC.Game
  • Verify your account 
  • Enjoy the games
  • BC.Game is a 100% cryptocurrency casino and has over 1000 casino games. 18+ Policy. General conditions apply.

Different types of  Shitlinks or Shitcodes have different levels of requirements depending on who is hosting the event. If you get a message like  “your level is low” when redeeming a shitlink or shitcode, it means that unfortunately you have not reached the minimum level requirement to redeem the shitlink. 

Keep playing more games and level up to make sure you qualify for shitlinks or shitcodes. In exceptional cases, customer service may ask you to provide information or verify your account. This only happens when they  detect miss leading bonus abuse, such as multi-account bonus claims.

Do you know that bonuses are also available with no strings attached? That’s Shitcodes for you. 

Shitcodes are the bonuses which have free coins without any strings attached to them. You can redeem them by following some basic instructions. As soon as you redeem them, the coins are yours. There are no impossible wagering requirements and if you happen to win, It won’t put you through hoops to pick.

If you have only heard of these elusive ones chat codes but never seen one what it looks like.


The entire string above is code. The “$” is also included, so make sure you copy and paste the whole thing.

Your next question is probably “Where can I find these awesome bonuses called Shitcodes?” Glad you asked…. 

They regularly share shitcodes on their social media pages:-

Telegram group: https://t.me/joinchat/L5YyYla7–Arsls3DgAgdw

Telegram channel: https://t.me/bcgamewin

Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/bcgameofficial

The Forum: [forum.bc.game] (https://forum.bc.game/)

If the notice that shitcode provided above is not working for you or cannot be redeemed, please drop an email through their email provided or contact form within the casino, The mail should include your BC.Game username or email and they will send you a shitlink. Click the link and redeem your shitcode.

Follow and subscribe their social media profiles notifications and stay active on the forum to know details about the codes/links drop. 

Shitcodes has an improved version called Shitlinks. No copy and paste required. To claim a Shitlink, simply click on it and you will be redirected to the BC login page. Play where your coins are waiting for you. Enjoy and good luck!

BC.Game: A Complete BC.Game Casino Guide 2022

Bc.Game is one of the best award winning crypto associated online casinos. It is a community based casino which always strives to deliver the best and unforgettable  casino experience to its players. Bc.game game store is full of thrilling and amazing  games. The casino  Includes all the casino games like other online casinos in the industry they also provide crypto casino games, different kinds of card games, crash games, dice games etc. Exclusive slots and live casino with live dealer games are always a special combination of players’ favorite games. Sign up and enjoy all the best casino games with super duper bonuses and rewards.

Bc.Game was established in the year 2017 owned and operated by Blockdance.B.V a commercial register of Curacao.  The online casino is operated by blockchain technology which is known for their encrypted safety. Hence, You all know better how safe and secure your funds are. The decentralized structure of online casino is always more attractive with a decent look. Thus, it’s been one of the best and  favorite casino for players across the world.


  • The Casino has a wide variety of online casino games.
  • The Casino mobile interphase is user-friendly 
  • The Casino offers Simple and easy registration process.
  • Quick and simple transaction Payments.
  • Sign Up and get 1 BTC as a reward.
  • Dedicative and Generous deposit bonus.
  • The VIP Club is the amazing thing a casino could offer.
  • The Casino web page is user- friendly.

Available Languages

Bc.Game is a multilingual online casino. The web page is available in more than one language. Isn’t  it interesting that the top best casino in your convenient language. This amazing thing happened not only to attract players at large but also to tell the players that the casino is your family too.

  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • English
  • Vietnamese
  • German
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Thai
  • Finnish
  • Turkish

BC.Game Bonuses And Promotions

Many exciting bonuses and many thrilling promotions at Bc.game makes the casino a more engaging crypto casino platform for all gaming enthusiasts. Bc.Game have players all round the world which makes the casino more attractive with outstanding graphics and stunning sounds. The casino is one of the most reputed online casinos in the gaming era their offers never fail to amaze all its players each time they visit the casino. The trilling offers are listed below just have a look :-

Welcome Pack

The casino offers all its newly registered players a wonderful welcome pack. You can get a 780% deposit bonus up to 5 BTC with four deposits. Just keep on depositing and win more and more thrilling rewards. Grab your bonuses now! Sign Up now! 

First Deposit Bonus

In your first deposit you can get a minimum 80% bonus to maximum 180% bonus.

  • If you deposit from 30$ to 80$you can receive an 80% deposit bonus. For example if you deposit 40$ you are eligible to get 32$ as bonus.
  • If you deposit from 80$ to 400$you can receive a 100% deposit bonus. For example if you deposit 100$ you are eligible to get 100$ as bonus.
  • If you deposit from 400$ and above you can receive an 180% deposit bonus. For example if you deposit 300$ you are eligible to get 540$ as bonus.

Second Deposit Bonus

  • If you deposit from 60$ to 120$you can receive a 100% deposit bonus. For example if you deposit 70$ you are eligible to get 70$ as bonus.
  • If you deposit from 120$ to 600$you can receive a 150% deposit bonus. For example if you deposit 150$ you are eligible to get 225$ as bonus.
  • If you deposit from 600$ and above you can receive a 200% deposit bonus. For example if you deposit 700$ you are eligible to get 1400$ as bonus.

In your second deposit you can get a minimum 100% bonus to maximum 200% bonus.

Third Deposit Bonus

In your third deposit you can get a minimum 100% bonus to maximum 220% bonus.

  • If you deposit from 120$ to 300$you can receive a 100% deposit bonus. For example if you deposit 130$ you are eligible to get 130$ as bonus.
  • If you deposit from 300$ to 1500$you can receive a 150% deposit bonus. For example if you deposit 400$ you are eligible to get 600$ as bonus.
  • If you deposit from 1500$ and above you can receive a 220% deposit bonus. For example if you deposit 1600$ you are eligible to get 3520$ as bonus.

Fourth Deposit Bonus

In your fourth deposit you can get a minimum 100% bonus to maximum 240% bonus.

  • If you deposit from 150$ to 400$you can receive a 100% deposit bonus. For example if you deposit 170$ you are eligible to get 170$ as bonus.
  • If you deposit from 400$ to 3000$you can receive a 150% deposit bonus. For example if you deposit 600$ you are eligible to get 900$ as bonus.
  • If you deposit from 3000$ and above you can receive a 240% deposit bonus. For example if you deposit 3200$ you are eligible to get 7680$ as bonus.

Shit Codes

Shit codes are just more like bonuses on bc.game. You can redeem it in order to get crypto related rewards and bonuses.

BC Dollar

1BCD is equal to  1USD 

Sign up at Bc.game right away!! Claim it just now!! You are eligible to exchange or you can even swap these coins as per your bonus requirements.

Unlock the BCD Reward

BCD unlocks when you wager on any of your favorite games available at their online casino . Below you can find the calculation to know how much you have to bet on to unlock.

Bet amount x 1% x 25% = Unlock amount

For example:-  If you bet $600 on any of the games it will unlock 600×1%x25% = 1 BCD is exclusively for you.

600% wagering requirements is much higher but you can see there are many advantages over it. Kindly look into the advantages for a better quality understanding:-

No More Restrictions  On Any Withdrawals

Unlike other online casinos bc.game do not lock any of your initial deposits and you are set free to withdraw your amount at your convenience.

There are no time limits

At bc.game there are no time limitations  for wagering, just by unlocking your BCD You can win  your task. BCD dashboard is available on the page any time . You can just  unlock it any time.

6000+ Games to bet on

BC.GAME a reputed casino offers a wide variety of online casino games for you, hence, you are free to bet on and be ready to unlock your BCD rewards on slots and jackpots as well.

Enjoy more and more advantages

Just claim your BCD and enjoy more outstanding offers and get more rewards points.

Master Medals

If you’re into the game continuously you are eligible to win more master medals and also you are eligible to earn more and more bonuses and many trilling rewards. For example, if you win some 20 medals then 1 BTC is into your casino account. Just keep on gaming!

Other Special Bonus


All the players at bc.game have to perform new tasks everyday. So that you will be rewarded with more exciting bonuses and many prizes.  All the players are requested to finish the given task and get rewarded with outstanding bonuses. 

New players or First time players can take advantage of this task hub and can earn a bonus up to 1 BTC as a Newbie player. You can also improve your VP level and get more VIP advantages.


The Lucky spin is just amazing and a memesorizing bonus offer at the Bc.game exclusive for their players, You need to spin the lucky spin daily and get spin rewards daily. 

You are eligible to win upto 1 BTC in the lucky spin wheel, you  just have to spin the wheel only once in everyday. You want another chance then come over the very next day.

Point to be remembered:- No player should maintain multiple or more casino accounts. Only one account for a single player ip address is always tracked. If the casino finds any of such accounts they will immediately deactivate their casino accounts and their winnings are forfeited. They cannot sign up again at bc.game. So, please play responsibly.


You will get your rakeback bonus if you win or lose the bet at the casino. Collect your bonus each time you get and just relax.


Do you always have to wait for a recharge? Now, there will be no waiting for the recharge to finish, you can enjoy the steady stream of recharge at bc.game.

Other Casino Bonus


The Roll competition is a lottery game you need to roll on everyday. The rolling competition begins at 10:00 to 10:00 every day and the rewards will be collected later. The roll begins from 0 – 999 random numbers.


Coco is an icon which  plays hide and seek.  It comes on your casino screen every 6 hours. It will stay on your screen for at least 10 minutes and then disappear in the next  minute. So, you just have to be active and catch it for reward.

The COCO bonus is a little different from other casino bonuses. VIP club members are only eligible to get this reward. So you just need to level up and get many more exciting  rewards.


The casino rains coins in chat rooms for 6 winners in 6 hours within the chatroom.

Lottery Jackpot

You need to just buy the ticket and wait for the draw to take place and then collect your winnings.

VIP Club

Bc.game offers a VIP club zone as soon as you’re a member of the casino. Just go on playing and level up your VIP level and get all extra benefits the casino offers. Join the club to receive VIP privileges.

Social Media Profiles

The following are the list of social media profiles. Just like, share and subscribe to their social media pages for more and more updates.


Accepted Currency

Bc.Game is an online crypto casino that accepts 20 + crypto coins. The online casino accepts the following currencies only to make all the deposits and withdrawals easy and quick. 

  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • US dollars
  • Tether
  • Ripple
  • ADA
  • TRON
  • Dogecoin
  • BNB
  • Binance Coin
  •  Ethereum Classic 
  • Polkadot
  • AVAX
  • Solana
  • USD Coin 
  • ChainLink 
  • Near Protocol
  • XLM
  • VeChain 
  • EOS
  • Shib Inu 
  • AAVE
  • DAI
  • YFI
  • True USD 
  • The Sandbox 
  • LUNA
  • Fantom 
  • TOMO
  • Zillaqa 
  • GALA
  • HEX
  • Stellar 
  • Monero 
  • BCD.

Desktop And Mobile

Bc.Game is the best and  perfect to operate on both Mobile and Desktop. The casino has user friends interphase as it is compatible with windows, Android and iOS devices. There is no separate app for you to download from play store or app store. You can directly go with the browser. I’m pretty sure you will have the outstanding mobile gaming experience at bc.game. 

Registration Process

At bc.game the registration process is very simple and easy. Give a user name with a password along with a referral code. You can only login via email, facebook, telegram etc. Before you sign up you need to attain the age of 18 years. 

Software Providers

Bc.game has been a top reputed crypto casino for years. The casino is always associated with the best software supplying companies.Hence , it successfully survives  in this modern gaming industry.

  • Fugaso
  • Platipus Gaming
  • Booming Games
  • Betsoft
  • Nolimit City
  • Quickspin
  • GameArt
  • Habanero
  • Mascot Gaming
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Mancala Gaming
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Tom Horn Gaming
  • SA Gaming
  • KA Gaming
  • Spinomenal
  • Wazdan
  • Ezugi

Restricted Countries

Bc.Game is a fantastic and fun favorite  platform for the best ever gaming experience. But, as a great hindrance it is restricted in the following list countries. 

  • Afghanistan
  • Curaçao
  • Australia
  • Canada 
  • Aruba
  • Bonaire
  • Cuba
  • China
  • France
  • Hong Kong
  • Iraq
  • North Korea
  • Iran
  • Estonia
  • Russia
  • Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Netherlands Antilles
  • Saba
  • Sint Eustatius (Dutch Island)
  • Taiwan
  • Slovakia
  • Sweden
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Sint Maarten (Dutch part)
  • United Kingdom
  • Turkey
  • Switzerland
  • United States 
  • Syria

Provably Fair

Gambling is always based on luck and skill. Bc.Game is always fair and impartial to all its players. The ultimate aim of them is to have ultimate fun and comfortable play.

BC.Game Support Team

BC.Game has an excellent support team of executives. They are not only friendly but also experts in solving any kind of issue in no time. The team also gives you detailed information about the casino in case you have any query to join the casino. 

The team is available 24/7 all time 365 days. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the support team. They will happily assist you via Live chat or you can email them here:- business@bc.game. In case you need any help, just go to help.bc.game.  If you want to give any feedback about the casino email them here:- feedback@bcgame.com 


Crypto Online Casino

Previously, casinos were available offline, but as the days pass on now they are available online.  Casinos are not always around, so we can say that online casinos have generally been used too badly since they were introduced in the gambling platform. In 2022, online casinos are high in demand. There are many online casinos in the industry right now. Go on checkout all the highlights of the casinos in regard to bonuses, support, games, payments, developers etc. 

Choose the best which meets all your requirements. Each and every player always looks forward to something extra or new, as they want to make their gaming experience more fun and more pleasurable. The games at the casino should allow the player to focus absolutely and win more and more real money. 

Now, we are here to tell you all about bitcoin casino or a crypto casino or a gambling bitcoin casino etc. you can call them in either ways.

What Is Crypto?

Before we discuss what kind of casino games you can play, you first need to understand what crypto is and why people mostly prefer this payment option when playing their favorite games.

Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies have grown up gradually and created a most reputed platform for themselves. In the beginning, buying Bitcoin was very risky, and those who have taken the risk are now benefiting. 

Crypto has probably been a fair income from its rise and fall in the market, and the best part is that you can do it completely anonymously. It was risky in those days, but right now you can use Bitcoin just  like any other traditional payment option.

After much research and explanations, Some players don’t accept it, but the BTC Casino is a huge success and has been growing continuously for the last five years. And what I like most  about bitcoin as a deposit bonus or payment option is you can easily link up your bitcoin account to your bank account and have direct and instant access to your top up your crypto balance.

Can you use bitcoin on all online gambling sites?

All the casino gamers could dream that the extraordinary online casinos you discover will permit you to use bitcoin and different crypto in your deposit and withdrawals. Unfortunately, the reality is that only a few casinos will accept it. But the coolest information is that the top and best online casinos can have one or more cryptos that you may at the least use for deposits. When coming to withdrawals, it is so tough to discover an online casino. Most likely, you may need to select out one of the different payment options. The best payment  choice to integrate with bitcoin and crypto is a bank transfer switch instantly into your current bank account.

For all the learners out there, we are here to drop some names for different casinos to examine in case you would really like to attempt out having a bet on gambling sites that accept crypto. We have Shiba Casino, Doge Casino, and Solana Casino, and they’re all really well worth your time. They will convey the pleasure you’re all seeking. You will pay with bitcoin – and the first-rate component is that they’re all providing you with a super deposit bonus for the usage of their online casino and becoming a member of the crypto playing world.

Advantages of Crypto gambling


When using cryptocurrencies in the online industry , you are not required to provide any information that can be traced back to you. He can hide behind the computer screen 100% and not even reveal his first name. For many, this is the biggest selling point for this type of payment option. 

Worldwide Access

As we know, many payment options are only available to some, not all and it can be very frustrating and  challenging for some players in some countries as their limitations on payment  options prevent them from playing in the casinos and games they want to play. With the bitcoin casinos and also with other crypto casinos, you will remove that limitation and there is no need to look elsewhere for  fun.


A real killjoy is when you have to enter a lot of information to gain access to the fun. The simple answer is to use crypto and you don’t have to experience this anymore.

Transaction Fees

Okay, we understand that everyone needs to make money and that’s not all  covered by ads etc running in the background and the standard fees that come with a transaction. They charge their customers when  they use their service.

If you use cryptocurrencies as a payment option, you will not encounter this problem.

Disadvantages of crypto gambling

There are No chargebacks

You don’t have any take backs while using this kind payment method. Once the crypto transaction has been shown in your account with the left of your wallet the transaction is done. So ensure that you have to  do your casino back test verification at the online casino or online gambling site before you spend your money and time on it as you don’t have any safety the same as credit/debit cards and traditional payment methods.

No “the customer is always right”

If you have any kind of issues while a transaction is processing their customer support will not be at the best at that time. They run appropriate communiques with all their customers, and you’ll no longer be left to solve it yourself. But the possibilities of having funds returned as soon as it has left your account are minimal.  So you need to be sure while you operate it and also be sure about what sort of amount you desire to use  considering the person/business enterprise you’re making the payment to.

How can check whether the online casino site is safe or not?

Nowadays most of the casinos online are safe, and also you don’t have to worry about spending a while at them. However, there are a few casinos that don’t have your hobby at heart. That’s why you constantly need to do a background check or take a look at them even if they are crypto casinos, or even if you need to apply bitcoin to gamble. There’s no greater security if the money in your wallet leaves, you no longer have a number of probabilities to get the amount back.

The best part is,  there are methods to discover if you could truly believe the online casino you need to spend a while on. The best manner is to test if the online casino has a legitimate license for online playing. All casinos want this to run their online casino legally, and it isn’t always free, so it would not be something they can hide. Some casinos pick to attain extra than this kind of licenses. This is a red flag for a few, and we’re right here to inform you that it isn’t always a red flag. An online casino may have as many licenses as they please, however they also can have one.

Also, looking at online casinos to study what different gamers are saying is also a very good idea. If an online casino had been to be unfair, you will no longer be the primary one they have executed it to – so there can be a few sorts of opinions available telling you approximately what has happened and what has been executed approximately. Use your quality and the best  judgment, and in case if something feels off about the gaming site, then there are loads available in the market. Pick an exclusive one, and there is no need to gamble with faith.

Do you still get bonuses, if you deposit with crypto?

We can say that it is only the  casino experience, the excitement, the fun and the games that attract players to the different casinos online, but we all know that would be a big lie. Players want bonuses and lots of rewards to help on the way to big wins. Bonuses are  like free money, so just look at the terms and  conditions attached to bonuses before accepting them. Suppose you receive a deposit using a crypto. They are not bad for what you can get.

When you play at the casino for the first time, you will find a welcome package at a bitcoin casino. This is the bonus that will start your casino journey  and  help you hit the jackpot. Not only the welcome bonus is available to you . After you use the welcome bonus, you should look out for the deposit bonus. This is the bonus that casinos sometimes give out on a random deposit that you set during your play.

And if you’re lucky enough, it will land you big or small jackpots. Just like with a standard deposit, when you make a crypto deposit, claim your bonus at the cashier. And remember nobody can force you to take this bonus. It’s your decision. It’s a decision you should make after reading all the terms and conditions that come with the bonus.

Remember that the wagering requirement must cover the entire field before you can withdraw any  winnings you may have been lucky enough to win. Also remember that while you have the opportunity to win a lot of money, remember that casinos are  for entertainment and fun  only.

How to choose the right Bitcoin casino?

We all want to find the best option right away, we all want to hit the jackpot on the first spin, we all want everything and we want it now. Unfortunately that is not the reality. There is no secret wavelength to massive payouts and the perfect  first spin casino, even when it comes to  crypto casinos, but here are some tips to see

  • What kind of games does the casino offer? If they don’t have  games that you like or a game that you would like to try then it’s a waste.
  • Suppose you have one type of cryptocurrency and not all, or you don’t want to try any other than the one you are familiar with. In this case you should check the payment methods to make sure that the crypto casinos accept this type of payment method in your casino. 
  • Bonus: We know we’ve already spoken about the all-important bonus, but we’ll repeat it. We know that many players  only pay attention to the type of bonus that the casino has to offer its new and existing players. 
  • Make Sure You Can Play – Most casinos have a list of restricted countries where you cannot play at their casino. Make sure  your country is not on the blacklist.

Is it difficult to deposit or make a withdrawal?

Many payment methods are difficult to understand and also to imply, and the selling point of crypto casinos is that they want everything  to be more accessible when using it, so is it simply easier? 

Yes, it’s as easy as stealing candy from a child a few steps to make a deposit and  a few steps to make a withdrawal. And of course we’re here to tell you how: 

  • How to  make a deposit with Bitcoin or any other cryptos:
  • First you need to find your favorite casino that accepts crypto as a payment option and proceed to checkout. 
  • Choose whether to use Bitcoin or another type of cryptocurrency. 
  • And then all you have to do is  type in how much you want to deposit and click enter. And in a few moments the funds should be in your player account. 

How to cash out if  you are lucky enough to win:

  • The first thing you need to do is to go to the checkout and choose your preferred withdrawal method. 
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, then press Confirm. 

As you can see this is much easier than  many  other payment options you will find in an online casino, but as we all know we don’t see it everywhere.

What are the games can you find in a crypto casino?

Anyhow, bonuses are supposed to bring all the fun and excitement  to a casino. What makes the best user experience for an online gambling site are the games you can find at the casino. A player needs to find a few games to choose from and there needs to be some sort of balance to keep the market open to more than one type of player. 

Online slots are the most popular among players in the market and let us  tell you a little bit about what to expect from an online slot machine at a crypto betting site. 

Any game played on a slot machine  is completely random, just like flipping coins. The computer application that controls the game selects a random sign or symbol in the first row and then in the second row. Payback is the so -called percentage of money returned to the player on an average scale. Every spin in the game has an equal chance of winning or losing like the previous game; it has nothing to do with how long it has been since the last jackpot  or if the slot  is “hot” or “cold”.

In the 80’s Slots were the popular and passed off table games as well like blackjack, craps. Slots and Video Poker now accounts for more than 70 percent of casino winnings. Now that we’re online, keep taking advantage of bitcoin and crypto online casinos and  casinos that don’t accept  crypto methods. There is  a simple reason for this: a great jackpot.  As slot machines went digital, it became possible to hit the jackpot  less often, which also meant that the jackpot on online slots got bigger when you hit it for the first time. And most of the  players just love big big jackpots! If you play $5 at a blackjack table, the maximum you can win is $7.5, but if you play $3 at a slot machine, you can win several thousands or millions of dollars at once, but that’s it only if you’re lucky. As we have said before, you should always think of casino games as entertainment and not as a quick payday. 

But despite their popularity, there are three main problems with slots compared to table games. First of all, casinos aren’t always open about the odds  they bet on every game and that means it’s difficult to know how likely you are to win. Secondly, no matter how high these secret odds are, they are often wrong and worse than table games like baccarat , craps and blackjack. Thirdly, slot machines work much faster than other games and therefore you can lose a lot of money in a short time.

Table games are the next popular thing in online casinos, so let’s talk about what to expect from these types of games and give beginners  a chance to learn quickly  before buying Bitcoin for the money they spend on online slots and other games for fast payouts. 

Most of the casinos offer table games and if you play at a casino that doesn’t have table games you should go on to another casino which has them. 

You don’t have to bet money to play at the table. Games. Wide range of casinos  offer free games or demo games so you don’t have to deposit real money. This can get a little tedious over time, but there are many ways to deposit cash later.

How much you bet on a table game is entirely up to you, but there is often a minimum bet to play with. This varies by casino site, so feel free to check it out for yourself once you’ve found one to play at. 

Online blackjack, also known as 21, is a table game that most people associate with the casino. Today you can play blackjack  in your living room as long as you go online and make a deposit at a casino. All major casino providers  have blackjack in their portfolio.

Online poker is the most exciting and thrilling card game that suits most people. It takes time to get good at poker and there has been much debate as to whether poker is a game of skill. There are mixed opinions about poker. Here, industry and government for its part, the poker industry  believes  it is a game of skill. At the same time, the authorities consider poker  a game under the lottery law and value luck over skill.

Video poker is also a best casino game that came through and  became one of the first digital games, so it was one of the first games where you could play without having to hold any cards. Video poker is just like regular poker, where you play all five cards from your hand. Jacks, or rather, is a common form of video poker. Here you win money as soon as you have a pair of jacks or better.

In roulette you are able to bet on most of the combinations, single numbers, rows, colors and whether the ball will land or even or odd numbers. The payout amount varies depending on how much you bet. For even  and odd numbers, the payout  is 1 to 1, which applies to both red and black. There is also another range to bet on here. Payment varies depending on the field selected.

Craps is also a dice game in which a player bets on the outcome of two dice. It sounds  simple enough, but you probably need an explanation to understand how to play it. The advantage of craps is that it only requires dice to play, so you can  play craps with ease as long as you have two dice. If you have ever been to a casino you know what it feels like. The live casino gives you a bit of the same feeling.

Some casinos give you the option to chat with the host on the go. It brings excitement, joy and maybe a bit of frustration to live casino play  depending on the outcome of the game. If you want to play live casino you need to sign up with one of the game providers that offer it. It is easy to register with a foreign gambling company and you only need to enter information about yourself. After that, deposit Bitcoin or another form of real money and start playing.

Casino players expect the casino to offer live casinos. It is so common to play live casinos that all casinos should have it in their assortment. There are different types of live casino games that you can play online, with roulette and blackjack being the most common forms of live casinos. But there are also games like Monopoly and you can become a millionaire and  play live. The selection of games is usually huge, but you should know that it varies from casino to casino. Therefore does not always play the same crypto casino games on different crypto casino sites.

That’s why we told you when we gave you tips on which casinos you should or shouldn’t play, which casinos you should play but how to find the perfect casino  to see the games that you can find in the casino . And remember to check  what kind of bonuses you can get, not all casinos will give you a deposit bonus but you will find reload bonuses and no deposit bonuses where you won’t look if you don’t look hard enough to get started . And if you are lucky, you will find casinos giving away cash back daily.

Can I use a mobile or tablet?

Suppose you want to play at the best and top online casinos. In this case, you want them all to be mobile casinos,  simply for the sheer joy of playing whenever and wherever you want to play.

Gambling sites that offer mobile casinos receive more visits in a day than those that do not offer mobile versions. We all know that nobody wants to sit in front of a laptop to play online games anymore. The best part is you will find all the thrilling games and the amazing welcome bonus that you usually see when playing on a laptop.

87 thoughts on “BC.Game Shitcode: Complete Guide (Activate Today) 2023”

      1. Hello when new shitcode? I never claimed even one, always deactivated 20 minutes after posted, hopefully i can get one next time

      1. why do not you reply my messages email? if you don’t believe it please claim your new Shitcode, of course you can’t get your new Shitcode that shitcode doesn’t work or can’t

        1. So sorry for what all happened.
          You can comment here, I will respond.
          Working on the new code, please wait.
          I will update the new shitcode on the site as soon as possible.
          Thanks for understanding.

  1. hi why doesn’t your new shitcode code work, is there an error I have followed the requirements to claim your shitcode code but why is it not working

  2. Hello Everyone,
    Good news to all the players.
    We have updated the new shitcode on the website, all the players at LEVEL2 can now claim this bonus.
    New Updated Shitcode – $[BCGAME-1C54TQ4JRCQBYQN2WMUCFU4DTZM]$ (This shitcode bonus was updated on 21st October 2022)
    Enjoy Gambling at BC.Game. Good Luck Everyone..

  3. Hello BC guys,
    I check this site everyday whether there is SHITCODE updated or not.
    Today, I checked and got new SHITCODE and it exactly working.
    Previously, I tried other SHITCODE, but, it didn’t work.
    But, after several times tried, I realised that It’s my fault. The reason is….
    When you copy SHITCODE from here, You should exactly copy included “$”
    Means…exactly copy and paste $[BCGAME-1C54TQ4JRCQBYQN2WMUCFU4DTZM]$
    Then, it work exactly and received 1.72 BCD from cococave. 😁
    I m happy that even it’s small amount or whatever, and appreciate this site manager’s SHITCODE update efforts.

    Thank you so much. BC is the best. !👍

    1. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.
      I request all the players to follow the procedure carefully to claim the Shitcode Bonus.
      As Parks said, please be very careful while copying the Shitcode.
      Happy Gambling 🙂

  4. Hello BC.Game Players,
    Good News.
    We have updated the latest shitcode bonus today – 22nd November 2022, please check the site and claim your bonus.
    Please check the terms and conditions, check the procedure carefully and then CLAIM your SHITCODE Bonus Now.
    Enjoy Gambling at BC.Game.

      1. Shitcode Deactivated means, The code is used to MAXIMUM EXTENT. Hundreds of players across the world CLAIM SHITCODE BONUS EVERYDAY. As we already mentioned, we can give you maximum of 2 Shitcodes per month , so the next shitcode will be available on 1st December 2022. Please be patient, thank you so much for your love.

  5. Hey,
    Wass Up??
    How are you all?
    I have updated the new shitcode bonus now, please check and CLAIM the bonus.
    To, CLAIM the shitcode bonus, please check the procedure thoroughly and copy the code exactly mentioned on the site.
    I am also adding the new shitcode here – $[BCGAME-1PWRGNFFBYTAVJ3OMUBL6ZUQUCM]$ (Updated 9th December 2022)
    Happy Gambling 🙂

  6. Hello Everyone,
    DONT WORRY GUYS, People who didn’t CLAIM the shitcode bonus.
    We will be updating new Shitcode Bonus on 15th December 2022.
    Be Ready to Claim the bonus.
    Note – Only the first 100 people can CLAIM the bonus, so be ready to CLAIM the bonus.
    Happy Gambling 🙂
    Thank You.

    1. it’s already the 17th you haven’t updated your shitcode, you said on the 15th there is already a new shitcode why haven’t you updated this yet

  7. Hello Players,
    Sorry for the very long delay.
    We have updated the new shitcode today, please check the site and let us know your feedback.
    Please follow correct guidelines to CLAIM the shitcode bonus.
    Or, you can directly take the shitcode here – $[BCGAME-133TJL4GIF5R4SYBBQZ27KYA2JI]$
    After claiming the Shitcode Bonus, just share your experience by dropping a comment here.
    Thank You.
    Happy Gambling.

  8. Hello Players,
    We have updated the new shitcode, please go through the guidelines and claim the shitcode boonus.
    or, you can copy the code directly here – $[BCGAME-1Z5Z4TV3VK4JTO77EDSBHXDZUTU]$.
    Good Luck, Happy Gaming 🙂

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