BC.Game Shitcode: Complete Guide (Activate Today) 2022

BC.Game ShitCode or leader Code or SweetCode: (Tested & Approved on 7th September 2022) for Players at LEVEL2

BC.Game Shitcode: How to Claim? (Active Shitcode) 2022

  1. BC.Game Shitcode – (Leader Code) $[BCGAME-1XS53BJZITJEYXY27K433Z426OQ]$
  2. Shitcode Bonus – Claim $1 – $3 in free Crypto or BCD with shitcode
  3. Terms & Conditions – Shitcode Bonus is offered only to the players at LEVEL2
  4. Last Update – This shitcode is tested and approved, and is updated on 30th August
  5. Contact – If you have any issues in claiming the Shitcode bonus, you can get in touch with me at – gamblingpoint@gmail.com

BC.Game free bonus is now available for registered  casino players (At LEVEL2). This casino is a well reputed brand, has a good and a decent collection of games with amazing offers. In this esteemed bonus offer, They are  going to be taking a glance at how much bonus value you could get and, along with some other, special bonuses and rewards frequently along with regular ongoing promos.

BC.Game crypto bonus is offered to their players between the value $1 to $3 for a super duper bonus or a promo code is  “SHITCODE”. Once if you decide to join the casino you are suppose to use the SHITCODE  “$[BCGAME-1XS53BJZITJEYXY27K433Z426OQ]$”, on the cashier lobby in order to receive up to $3 No Deposit Bonus in the accepted system currency which is obviously BCD.

Steps to get the bonus

  • Login to BC.Game
  • Verify your account 
  • Use “SHITCODE” -{ $[BCGAME-1XS53BJZITJEYXY27K433Z426OQ]$ } at LEVEL2
  • Enjoy the games
  • BC.Game is a 100% cryptocurrency casino and has over 1000 casino games. 18+ Policy. General conditions apply.

Different types of  Shitlinks or Shitcodes have different levels of requirements depending on who is hosting the event. If you get a message like  “your level is low” when redeeming a shitlink or shitcode, it means that unfortunately you have not reached the minimum level requirement to redeem the shitlink. 

Keep playing more games and level up to make sure you qualify for shitlinks or shitcodes. In exceptional cases, customer service may ask you to provide information or verify your account. This only happens when they  detect miss leading bonus abuse, such as multi-account bonus claims.

Do you know that bonuses are also available with no strings attached? That’s Shitcodes for you. 

Shitcodes are the bonuses which have free coins without any strings attached to them. You can redeem them by following some basic instructions. As soon as you redeem them, the coins are yours. There are no impossible wagering requirements and if you happen to win, It won’t put you through hoops to pick.

If you have only heard of these elusive ones chat codes but never seen one what it looks like.

(Leader Code) $[BCGAME-1XS53BJZITJEYXY27K433Z426OQ]$

The entire string above is code. The “$” is also included, so make sure you copy and paste the whole thing.

Your next question is probably “Where can I find these awesome bonuses called Shitcodes?” Glad you asked…. 

They regularly share shitcodes on their social media pages:-

Telegram group: https://t.me/joinchat/L5YyYla7–Arsls3DgAgdw

Telegram channel: https://t.me/bcgamewin

Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/bcgameofficial

The Forum: [forum.bc.game] (https://forum.bc.game/)

If the notice that shitcode provided above is not working for you or cannot be redeemed, please drop an email through their email provided or contact form within the casino, The mail should include your BC.Game username or email and they will send you a shitlink. Click the link and redeem your shitcode.

Follow and subscribe their social media profiles notifications and stay active on the forum to know details about the codes/links drop. 

Shitcodes has an improved version called Shitlinks. No copy and paste required. To claim a Shitlink, simply click on it and you will be redirected to the BC login page. Play where your coins are waiting for you. Enjoy and good luck!

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