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BC.Game Lottery: Buy Ticket Now To Win The Next Lottery Jackpot

Aren’t you surprised if something big is going to happen? Bc.Game has welcomed 2022 with lottery. Each and every player will get a chance to win a massive victory of 100000$. Are You thinking about how to play, just simply purchase your lottery ticket with a BCL coin. 

What is BLC?

BCL is created by bc.game as a token for the lottery. You can sense it as bc (lottery). You can redeem the bc.game lottery ticket anytime. 

1 lottery ticket = 1 BCL = 0.1$. You can use BC swap in order to buy BCL coins. 

You can also swap BCL coins anytime or get them via the game community or from any of your friends through a gift link.

Provably Fair

Bc.game Lottery is generally drawn in 5+1 balls rule, with 5 regular balls taken from thirty six numbers and a jackpot ball taken from ten numbers.

Server seed: Each and every game generates a replacement server seed and publishes the string once Hash256. 

consumer Seeds: You can get the ETH height on the top the daily price tag voucher deadline, and Americae Hash get after 10 blocks because of the client seed.

Firstly, HMAC_SHA256 is used to calculate all the the hash values, which correctly supplies us a sixty four – bit character hex string:

hash = HMAC_SHA256 (clientSeed, serverSeed)

Now, take the eight characters of hash associate degreed convert it to an int32 price. we have a tendency to divide the born-again value by the 0x100000000, multiply by the quantity of balls, and also the number is that the winning position, in step with that the corresponding ball is obtained.

Lottery Instructions

  • Bc.game’s  provably fair algorithm is obviously used to draw bc.game’s  lottery prizes. Prizes of lottery  are regularly drawn daily at 15:00 UTC+0. 
  • The player has to choose six numbers for every ticket, the first five are taken from 1 – 36 and the last  are taken from 1 – 10.
  • You can also select numbers manually or automatically. Your BCL coins can be redeemed for bc.game lottery tickets.  
  • The more numbers you match in the first five numbers, the bigger the prize you win.

Winning Price Details

All six correct numbers: $100,000 prize If you are not the only winner, you may have to split the prize equally with others. of the first 5 correct numbers: Each ticket receives a prize of $20. Three of the first 5 numbers match: each ticket is awarded a prize of $1.

If all six numbers are lost, the lottery will be reserved for free and you will continue to be entered in the next day’s draw.

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