BC.Game VIP Club: Exclusive & Attractive Benefits For Players

It’s high time now for all the Bc.Game players. It’s time to  show gratitude and appreciate all the players of the VIP club. Bc.game will invite all its players to join their VIP club and level up their status and get many prizes, giveaways, higher cashbacks and exclusive features of VIP club. Don’t miss the excitement and fun with bc.game. The exclusive fun is with you now!.

Unlocked Rights Of VIP & SVIP

Roll Competition:- Try your luck now! Once a day you can play and get your DOGE.

Tip:- Want to get the ability to tip others just by sending a little or lot to your friends.

Secret Treasure:- The higher rank you get you are rewarded with amazing secret treasures.

Private Chat:- You can have a private chat with your close ones on-site.

Exclusive VIP & SVIP Benefits 

Unique VIP Transfer Program:- Bc.Game welcomes you with utmost respect and care. This Invitation gives you special importance and gives you special status. Contact the team for more details.

Exclusive VIP host:- An exclusive host is for every VIP player. Contact the host anytime.

The SVIP code:- Only the SVIP members can get this code. Be a rocking star by being a SVIP member on bc.game.

Secret Treasure:- You need more surprises and rewards. Bc.Game gives your special surprises and rewards. Level up your rank and the secret treasure is yours.

Free Coins Everyday:- Bc.Game gives you many different ways to get free coins. As a VIP exclusive member you can boost up your free coin percentage. 

SVIP’s Genie In A Bottle:- Your SVIP manager is ready to roll carpet for you. Enjoy the  exclusive benefit. 

SVIP Trip:- SVIP trip is full of wild dreams. You can receive paid excotic field trips around the planet.

SVIP Life Is Suite:- Casinos have private dealings with the star hotels. Get exclusive celebrity treatment like spa, room services, shows ect. 

SVIP party:– SVIP members are chosen every year for an annual party by the casino. They treat you like a celebrity with red carpets, fine dining etc.

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